A brand is all about the people behind it, so I’m here to help give brands their voice. My drive in work comes from the people I’m working with, and the people working for, to ensure I’m really amplifying their voice.

About Christina

Christina Pennell is a distinguished publicist at Zilker Media, known for her strategic insight and forward-thinking approach to brand and thought leadership communication. With a proven track record of driving business development through earned media and orchestrating impactful media tours that lead to client speaking engagements, Christina has firmly established herself as a leader in public relations.

Christina’s exceptional work garnered an Honorable Mention in the Michael Smart PR Best Pitch of the Year Awards, underscoring her adeptness at creating compelling narratives that capture media attention and drive significant business outcomes. At Zilker Media, she is critical in ensuring campaigns meet and exceed their strategic objectives. Her expertise has led to coverage in notable outlets such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Psychology Today, enhancing the visibility and influence of her clients across numerous sectors. Christina’s ability to adapt to and anticipate media trends enables her to execute tailored strategies that resonate deeply with target audiences and yield high-impact results.

Before joining Zilker Media, Christina accelerated her marketing acumen at The Southern Influence, where she led social strategy and content creation for notable brands such as P Terry’s and Create and Cultivate. Additionally, her intentional management of the Stuff To Do In Austin TikTok account led to rapid growth, amassing over 35,000 followers and substantially increasing audience engagement.

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Christina holds a B.S. in Advertising with a minor in Business. Christina is an avid explorer of Austin’s vibrant culture and relishes her time at local landmarks like Barton Springs and Deep Eddy Pool, embodying the spirit of the community she expertly represents.