A brand is all about the people behind it, so I’m here to help give brands their voice. My drive in work comes from the people I’m working with, and the people working for, to ensure I’m really amplifying their voice.

About Christina

Christina is driven to help people tell their stories, working with people, for people. As a publicist at Zilker, helping build people-driven brands was the perfect fit.
Previously, Christina worked in marketing at The Southern Influence, a full-service content agency in Austin, Texas. During her time at TSI, she worked on PR and content creation for brands both here in Austin and internationally. Additionally, she worked at  Stuff To Do In Austin, writing city guides and feature blogs and creating content for all social channels.
Christina graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Advertising and a Business Minor. She loves traveling and immersing herself in the Austin culture, especially swimming at Barton Springs and Deep Eddy Pool.