Our Brand Strategy team builds future-ready platforms to drive lead generation and email list growth. All good websites should be building a following 24/7/365 and the key to that is a good conversion strategy. This is where an assessment comes in. Our creative quizzes and assessments have been taken by more than 500,000 people in the last three years. 

We collaborate with clients on developing interactive assessment tools that drive targeted lead flow. Our team provides end-to-end assessment building – creating the strategy, questions and logic used in the assessment. Once complete, we design and develop the assessment quiz and work with your team to embed it on your website.

Once quizzes and assessments go live they have the ability to capture leads both online and off. Through a digital marketing campaign, our team deploys tactics to funnel the target market to the quiz landing page. Alongside our digital campaign, our Brand Strategists coach clients on how to leverage the quiz to capture off-line potential lead data with every PR, speaking and networking opportunity.