Quiz Marketing That Drives Engaged Leads

When it comes to lead magnets that truly engage visitors, quizzes and assessments continue to be underutilized. Using a quiz as part of your marketing strategy is an excellent way to provide real value—and real fun—to your visitors, providing a positive first experience that will keep them wanting more from your brand.

Our Brand Strategy team builds future-ready platforms to drive lead generation and grow your email list, and effective quiz marketing has been a staple of our long-term lead flow efforts for years. Our creative quizzes and assessments have been taken by more than 560,000 people in the last three years, delivering insights to visitors while building email lists to create conversions.

Why Do I Need a Quiz?

While quiz marketing won’t be for every brand, for most it’s among the most reliable email capture tools at your disposal. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should consider developing a quiz as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Quizzes are interactive, and interactive content is more effective at capturing attention and enhancing retention of your brand’s messaging.
  • With no overhead once launched, quizzes result in a lower cost per lead compared to other marketing efforts.
  • Quizzes provide higher opt-in rates compared to other lead magnets such as newsletters, whitepapers, and traditional contact forms.

Collaborative Quiz Marketing That Aligns with Your Brand

We collaborate with clients on developing interactive assessment tools that drive targeted leadflow. Our team provides end-to-end assessment building—creating the strategy, questions, and logic used in the assessment. Once complete, we design and develop the assessment quiz and work with your team to embed it on your website and integrate it with your marketing efforts.

Once quizzes and assessments go live they have the ability to capture leads both online and off. Through a digital marketing campaign, our team deploys tactics to funnel the target market to the quiz landing page. Alongside our digital campaign, our Brand Strategists coach clients on how to leverage the quiz to capture offline potential lead data with every PR, speaking, and networking opportunity.