Our Mission

People trust people, and trust builds business. At Zilker Media we build brands that you, your stakeholders, and your audience can trust. Using results-driven strategies, we focus on leading with your most unique asset: you and your people. 

Our Philosophy

We believe trust is the most important currency in business and in life—nothing of meaning happens without it. 

While there isn’t much that is groundbreaking about that timeless, universal truth, what is new in today’s environment is that everything has changed about the way trust is built. 

We no longer trust the institutions, organizations, and companies that once enjoyed this trust as a foregone conclusion. As a leader, it’s likely you have sensed this shift for some time—perhaps even in the way you look at the very entities you interact with. 

As a result of this distrust, which a 2022 Gallup study showed was the worst on record, your target audience is increasingly skeptical of messages coming from your business or organization. 

That means that every message you try to communicate through your corporate or institutional brand is met with skepticism. 

But while your audience may no longer trust your company in the same way, they are willing to trust YOU and your team, if you all are visible to them in an authentic, mission-driven way in the media they trust. 

As Zilker Media, we help leaders and the companies they run build thought leadership focused on impact, not ego. 

We believe the best way to build brands (and trust!) in today’s environment requires leaders to come alongside their corporate brand as the messenger, not the message, and we provide PR, brand strategy, digital marketing, and end-to-end agency of record services to help growing companies do just that. 

Many PR firms simply aim to make their clients the center of attention, focusing on vanity metrics like going viral or spiking views. But we leverage the expertise and perspectives of our clients to help them reach their who—from potential clients and partners to the right talent. 

When done right, thought leadership isn’t about providing an ego boost. Instead, it’s about providing a genuine personality for your company in order to make real connections with real people and build trust for your brand. 

Don’t get us wrong—we’ll certainly bring in the views and likes. But more importantly, we’ll push you to focus your time on your highest and best use: teaching and educating your audience to better your brand and help your target audience see the value of your company.

Our Story

Zilker Media is an award-winning boutique PR firm providing end-to-end brand building for some of the world’s top executives, thought leaders, and companies. We’ve set ourselves apart as one of the top PR firms in Austin thanks to our dedication to serving our community, overdelivering consistently for our clients, serving our team, and being genuinely fun to work with. 

Our roots are in the Austin-based agency Shelton Interactive, which was built by the current leadership team at Zilker Media before it was acquired by a strategic buyer in 2016. After founding Zilker Media in 2017 our team began working with influential executives, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, speakers, and companies who have invaluable messages to share. 

Zilker Media is the agency of record for Chicken Soup for the Soul, Keystone Bank (the fastest growing regional bank in Texas), and many of the world’s most well-known thought leaders. We believe great brands are built through storytelling, a unique mission, and strategic value, and we work alongside our clients to build magnetic, trustworthy brands that make a significant impact.

Behind the Name

Our namesake, Zilker Park, was founded in 1917 in Austin after local businessman and politician Andrew Zilker donated more than 350 acres of land to Austin’s school district, which then sold it to the city to be used as a park. Zilker Park remains the life-blood and gathering point of our vibrant city, hosting iconic Austin events such as Austin City Limits, Blues on the Green, Zilker Kite Festival and Trail of Lights, and is the home of the famous Barton Springs. 

Our team grew up at Zilker Park and founded Zilker Media in 2017, the year the park turned 100!

As a PR firm with roots right here in Austin, we continue to be moved by the creativity and community the park inspires in our city and beyond.

“Barton Springs is a sacred spot …it would be a wrongful thing for this spot to be owned by any individual, and that it ought to belong to all the people of Austin.”

– Andrew Zilker, Austin American-Statesman, (via zilker100.org)

Our Values

We are committed to providing our clients with the best agency experience they will ever have and many will tell you we accomplish this goal daily.

We believe in…

  • Good Vibes
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Bold Integrity
  • Leading The Way
  • Bettering Our Community

Our Partners


We believe great companies succeed because of people—not in spite of them or at their expense. We’re always recruiting new talent and only hire the best of the best because our team and clients deserve just that.

Are you ready to join our community?

  • Competitive pay
  • Unlimited paid time off (full-time)
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance (full-time)
  • 401k
  • Profit sharing
  • Good vibes environment
  • Fun team activities

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