There are three responses to a piece of design. Yes, no and wow! Wow is the one to aim for.

– Milton Glaser.

As Creative Lead at Zilker Media, Melanie Cloth crafts striking visual narratives that are built to resonate and endure. Over her decade of experience, Melanie has crafted end-to-end brand identity and collateral for clients across industries such as commercial real estate, banking, speaking, authors, consulting, and education. Her creative expertise touches everything from book covers and magazines to website design and social media collateral.

She has led numerous high-impact projects, including a comprehensive brand refresh for Keystone Bank, one of Texas’ fastest-growing financial institutions, and a multi-platform ad campaign that generated $3.7 million in deposits over a 10 month period. This initiative revitalized the bank’s brand identity and positioned it prominently within the competitive market.

In her innovative approach to digital marketing, Melanie spearheaded an email marketing campaign for a core conversion rollout that exceeded industry standards. This campaign showcased her knack for blending creativity with effective communication strategies, driving engagement and converting insights into action.

Her vast range of expertise extends to personal branding, where she has designed distinctive brand identities and messaging for various experts and thought leaders, effectively elevating their profiles in their respective fields. Her ability to translate personal visions into tangible assets has made her a pivotal figure in the strategic development of personal brands.

Melanie’s creative prowess was instrumental in designing book covers and creating the ForbesBooks magazine, which was distributed alongside Forbes magazine. This project showcased her design expertise and her capacity to collaborate on projects that have a wide-reaching impact. Melanie, a graduate of the Art Institute of Austin, continues to inspire her peers and clients alike with her dedication to excellence in design and her passion for impactful visual storytelling. When she’s not leading Zilker Media’s creative initiatives, she enjoys unwinding with a good book, trying new coffee shops or exploring the outdoors with her dog, Josie (her cat, Ollie, chooses to abstain from these outings).