Celebrating World Book Day

So, you have spent months (or even years) working on your book and are now ready to share your work to the public. As an author, it can be difficult navigating the marketing tactics needed to ensure your book lands in the right hands. Here at Zilker Media, we’ve managed the launches of more than 35 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. 

During World Book Day, we want to share that knowledge with up-and-coming authors (or even authors who are just looking for a new perspective). 

If you’re an author looking for advice, our team has the best tips for you!

Rusty Shelton:

  • Make sure you give your audience a way to dip their toe in the water with the content of your book before they buy it – this extends your interaction with potential buyers who aren’t yet convinced it’s a fit for them. This could be through a good quiz (our favorite lead magnet), a whitepaper, workbook or other high-value lead magnet. Give yourself the potential to build rapport and trust and work them to the point that they are ready to buy 

Paige Velasquez Budde:

  • Find a way to strategically involve others in the launch of your book! This can be an interview series, having someone else join you on a webinar or speak at your launch event. Involving others in these activities are a great way to get peers, colleagues and influencers involved in your book launch with win-win opportunities! 

Shelby Janner:

  • Sign up for Help a Reporter Out (HARO) or Qwoted and look for reporter queries that you can answer with your expertise. In your credentials, mention your new book title. If a reporter uses you as a source they will most likely mention your book!

Nichole Williamson:

  • Your audience wants to celebrate you! Don’t be scared to have a higher frequency when it comes to your content strategy to really drive awareness for your book, your purpose and mission behind it and how you hope it impacts others. Don’t just ask them to buy – give them a reason why! 

Melanie Cloth:

  • Show off that beautiful book cover! Put it in your social media headers, share it on your channels, add it to your website. This is when your book starts to feel real and it’s a fun way to get people as excited as you are!

Katherine Bingham:

  • Appearing on podcasts not only provides a platform to talk about your book but also increases your visibility overall as an industry thought leader. Even better, these shows tend to have more niche and loyal listenership, allowing you to specifically reach those within your book’s target audience! 

Haley Snider:

  • Utilize the time ahead of your book launch to drive interest! By offering multiple pre-order incentive options you can further nurture your loyal audience and connect on a deeper level. We recommend driving to other value pieces within your brand to continue increasing overall brand awareness growth. This could look like access to a webinar series centered around the book, an exclusive invite to your book launch event or a whitepaper download providing key insights only accessed by pre-ordering. The possibilities are endless!

Ashlyn White:

  • It’s crucial to get as many book reviews as possible, especially Amazon. Reach out to your mailing list, Amazon Reviewers and your social media followers for honest feedback. This will help increase visibility and reach your book’s target audience! 

Kate Kotara:

  • Focus on building your email list and give yourself plenty of time to promote your new book ahead of your book launch. 

Hannah Arceri

  • Upon book launch, it is important to really nail down your target audiences and key messaging points you want to share with the media, such as online/print publications and micromedia. Make sure to take your time with the storytelling aspect because that will resonate the most with your audiences. Using these platforms will help you to elevate your personal branding and engage with niche audiences you probably couldn’t have reached alone.

Morgan Alexander

-Send your new book over to any interviewer you will be meeting with ahead of time, you want to give them plenty of time to review and prepare to ask you meaningful questions during your interview. This will help the audience get an inside look at the value your book is providing.

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