With the guidance and assistance of Rusty Shelton and his talented team, I was able to go from less-than-zero to 60 with my goal of establishing a social media platform for my personal passion. Having no Facebook, no idea what a Twitter hashtag was, and no blogging experience, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to begin. In a matter of several months of working with the Shelton team, I was able to build a solid social media presence, become sought after as an expert for multiple media interviews, and see my Shelton-created website www.TheBreastDiaries.com take off, with likes, shares, and over 2000 pageviews each week. To my own amazement, I’ve been named a Top 10 Online Influencer regarding breast cancer, as well as one of the Top 20 Physicians Mentioned by Their Peers on breast cancer. I’ve been a contributor to TheAtlantic.com and KevinMD.com. I now have a literary agent and I’m working on a book proposal. None of this would have happened without the Shelton team. An added bonus is that these folks are some of the most pleasant, responsive, friendly people I have ever worked with. Dreams can become a reality if you have the right team helping you to succeed. Shelton’s crew is that team.

Stacey Vitiello, M.D.