Exciting Leadership News from Zilker Media!

I am so excited to announce some very big news today – Zilker Media is promoting brand strategy director Paige Velasquez to chief executive officer, effective July 1.

This is a promotion that has been in the works for some time, beginning with a conversation she and I had last summer about my belief that she has the kind of vision, character and leadership that could take our clients and team to wonderful places as we grow. Over the following months, she and I have worked closely with our leadership team to create a game plan that will expand the footprint and impact the agency will make in the coming years, with this transition as a key piece.

In case you are wondering, I am not going anywhere – I’ll continue to play a major role in the agency, from culture-building to strategy development as founder and chairman – but as I spend more time speaking and writing, I want to ensure the company has a visionary leader that can give 150% on a day-to-day basis expanding the impact we’re making in our community and beyond.

Paige is most certainly that leader. She’s one of the brightest and most capable leaders I’ve been around. She quickly made a name for herself at Shelton Interactive when she joined and led our digital marketing team and continued to make her mark after the acquisition, leading digital for a Texas statewide official’s campaign where she set a digital fundraising record, tripling the previous year’s efforts.

She joined Zilker Media as one of our first team members in 2017 and has been a primary source of growth for the company and our clients thanks to her expansion of digital marketing and branding offerings and her creation of campaigns, systems and processes that enhance client success.

In recent years she has spoken at Harvard, mentored future marketing leaders and overseen digital strategies for many New York Times bestsellers, business executives and international brands.

Most importantly to me, each step of the way she has embodied our core values and made her own personal mark on each team member and client she’s worked with. I believe in her and know her leadership will take our clients and our team toward a very bright future that I’m looking forward to being a part of.

So, Paige, congratulations – you have absolutely earned this opportunity. I’m excited to be on your team and look forward to the fun ahead.

I also want to congratulate a few others who have recently joined the Zilker Media team, including Sara Pence as brand strategist and Melanie Cloth as creative lead. Both are branding agency veterans and key to our growth. I’m excited to share Nichole Williamson, our previous lead brand strategist has been named to brand strategy director to fill Paige’s previous position.

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