Few words do more to shift someone from unknown expert to recognized authority than these three words: 

As Featured In

Discover the power of earned media to build your reputation as a thought leader in the healthcare space.

From the PR team that secured placements in the above media outlets & more…

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“But what if I have NO time to execute this strategy?”

We hear you loud and clear! 

To make PR and earned media a stress-free part of your business, you need a clear framework and streamlined process for building authority for your brand.

What we’ll cover in our How-To guide:

  • What’s holding you back from getting good PR for your practice ❌
  • The different types of media you aren’t taking advantage of right now and how they can drive brand growth ✏️
  • How to position yourself as an authority to journalists and editors & improve your pitch response rate 📈
  • How to passively attract journalists to your brand & increase your inbound media requests 💥
  • The secrets to streamlining your earned media & PR processes, so it doesn’t take over all of your time ⏰

You have many important things to take care of every day as a healthcare professional.

We want to make sure every single moment you spend on building your online brand reputation is valuable. 

Download our How-To Guide to Making Yourself a PR Magnet

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And here’s a bonus: So few healthcare professionals are leveraging the power of earned media. Why?

Because they simply don’t know how to.

We’ll discuss the two-part strategy behind a strong earned media presence. We call them: Push & Pull.

  • PUSH: Conducting active and ongoing outreach to media outlets and editors to offer your expertise for a contributed article or interview. 

This is what we traditionally think of when we hear “PR.” The key here is prioritizing what kinds of media will actually help you achieve the results you want — and knowing what you have to offer them

  • PULL: Positioning yourself as an expert in your niche where journalists and editors are actively looking. 

There are online platforms where journalists are actively looking for resources, interview opportunities and expert quotes. This strategy is remarkably effective because you are making their jobs a lot easier — and THEY will actually reach out to YOU for earned media opportunities. Crazy right?? It doesn’t have to be.

Still wondering if earned media is right for you?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is the real value of PR anyway? Will it lead to true ROI for my practice? 

A: Yes!! Here’s the thing: your prospective customers are 100% looking you up on Google before they make decisions about you (even if they got a glowing recommendation from a friend). Imagine now if they see the doctor in charge (you) has been featured in Medical News Today. You just made their decision a whole lot easier.

Q: Is PR dead with journalism unemployment levels rising?

A: No! It is true that journalists are incredibly busy people due to shrunken newsrooms, but this only amplifies the need for strong, valuable content. As a thought leader, you can help them serve their audience while you further your mission, through contributed articles and interview content. Having a strong earned media strategy will help you get your message to your target audience and make the jobs of journalists much easier.

Q: How do I do this in a way that doesn’t eat up all of my time? I’m not a full-time publicist!

A: We agree! You have many important things to focus on every day, and we want to make sure you have a streamlined process you can routinize. In our How-To Guide, we will show you what technology and online platforms you can leverage to keep your earned media strategy moving forward, without you having to scour the web for hours and hours every day looking for valuable opportunities.

Q: How long will it take for me to start getting interview and article requests?

A: You won’t like this answer, but the hard truth is: it depends! The more timely the story, the better, so it’s important to keep a pulse on news in your industry and have the courage to share your opinion on it quickly. However, evergreen (not timely) content absolutely has its place in media. The key to anything worth your time, however, is persistence. Physicians who stick to this strategy WILL see results, but it takes time to get your footing and see consistent outcomes. 

Most importantly, it’s never too late to begin!


Take it from our team that deals with this every day. The media landscape is constantly changing, but the fundamentals stay the same. If you have value to provide that aligns with the audience of a media outlet, you will see results with consistent outreach and expert positioning.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

How to Make Yourself a PR Magnet

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