3 Ways to Utilize Networking Events as a Tool to Build Trust

The right events provide us with the opportunity to be in the same room as the key relationships we are targeting, including potential customers, employees, industry peers, partners, investors, media members, and more. While what you know is critical in creating or expanding your business, who you know is also an integral part of the process, especially as trust is at an all time low for organizations. 

Would you believe me if I shared that as a thought leader or organization, you should have a strategy for each networking event or conference you attend? Networking plays a crucial role in growing your brand and increasing its visibility, so it’s vital that you lead with intention for each opportunity. 

Here are three key ways you can utilize networking events to drive your business even further:

1. Curate Authentic Content 

Sourcing engaging content is probably one of the biggest challenges we hear as thought leaders and organizations look to not only be consistent, but effective across digital marketing. The good news is that these industry events provide opportunities to capture, curate and even create genuine content.

Some examples include:

  • Conducting interviews – By scheduling video interviews with speakers or other influencers at the conference ahead of time, you can build valuable relationships while also creating visually engaging content. If you have a podcast, this is an even better opportunity to capture content for your platform. You can also grab short tips or answers to questions on video from a large number of people and compile these into one video. If you’re apprehensive about grabbing video, write down answers and turn these into a blog! 
  • Our recommended photo and video checklist for every event – 
    • Photos of keynote speakers on stage
    • Photos with others (partners, clients, industry peers, etc.) who are in attendance
    • Photos of event packet/agenda/swag
    • B-roll video content of the event
    • Photos of any happy hours attended or hosted 
    • If you are speaking:
      • Photo(s) and video(s) on stage presenting
      • Photo of your name in agenda or speakers packet

After curating this content, make sure you use it! Share your key takeaways from each experience and the videos or images you gathered on LinkedIn, within your monthly newsletter, on your monthly blog and more! 

2. Tap Into Your Target Audience 

There is no substitute for trusting, meaningful connections. You will be surrounded by opportunities to form these relationships at each conference or event. 

This is why it is crucial for you to set goals for the kinds of contacts you want to make for each event. We  recommend making a list of people you want to connect with, who are particularly important to your goals, such as qualified prospects, industry partners, and potential job candidates. 

Once there, take the time to introduce yourself and your company in an authentic way. Share your expertise and make sure to acquire their contact information if possible.

3. Don’t Let the Relationship End There

Once you meet new connections, make sure to follow up with each one after the event! Here are a couple of ways you can do so:

  • Connect with each individual on LinkedIn and send them a message sharing how you enjoyed meeting them at the event and are looking forward to more work together in the future. 
  • If you were able to grab an email, send a personalized note over to each connection to continue the conversations you started at the event. 
  • Mention or tag these new connections as you post the content you curated from the event! This encourages them to reshare and pulls their audience back to you.

Our team would love to connect with you! Let us help grow your business and accelerate trust for your brand by messaging us here: https://zilkermediatry.wpenginepowered.com/contact/ 

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