Adapting your brand’s voice: Prioritizing authenticity in a time of uncertainty

Our world is facing a challenge unlike anything we have seen before. It has forced us to shift strategies, halt normalcy and create a new outlook for our audiences. 

The days of posting memes, product ads and the normal ways of doing business are on hold for the foreseeable future. So what does this mean for your brand? 

It’s time to adapt, be flexible and prioritize authenticity.


  1. Analyze your audience and their needs 

Ask yourself, what is the biggest challenge your customer is currently facing and how can you provide support during this time? Maybe it’s increasing your communication to provide a sense of security and responsiveness. Maybe it’s shifting services to assist customers with their new unprecedented needs. The priority here is to be a resource.  The value you can show during this will last for years to come. 

Next, meet your audience where they are. Is your demographic mainly on Facebook? Prioritize this channel to communicate updates frequently. You don’t need every social media channel to be effective — it’s about choosing the right ones for your customer base. 

  1. Stay positive, but sensitive 

There is no ignoring the time we are facing and it would be tone-deaf to ignore it completely. While memes are funny and great, there’s a time and place for them and if it’s not authentic to your brand or could create some bad brand identity for you during a challenging time for many it’s best to avoid it. Your message should be uplifting, encouraging, insightful and supportive and overall provide value to your audience. If you have doubts that your audience will react positively to a joke,  change your messaging plan and focus on recognizing the situation and providing value and positivity. 

  1. Continually adapt your strategy as times change 

Right now everything is very uncertain, so flexibility is key. As you are building out your brand strategy, be mindful. As our current reality changes, your strategy and messaging will also have to change. Adapting quickly and getting your message out timely is critical to communicating with your customers effectively. As our CEO Paige mentioned in her previous blog, FAQ pages are a great way to frequently update your audience and provide a great consistent resource. 

  1. Prioritize community

Right now, there are many businesses and brands seeking support as well. Now may be a great time to open the lines of communication and see how you can support and partner with another business within your community. A great example of this is Dell who recently used their 3D-printing technology to print PPE gear for first responders

Another wonderful example is partnering with local businesses. A book-subscription service located here in Austin partnered with local schools to provide kids books during lunch pickups. 

Identify where your organization can use your resources and skills and seek ways to support your community. 

  1. Utilize video 

Here at Zilker Media, we believe in the power of people-driven brands and one of the best ways to showcase your people is video. Going live on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to communicate with your audience in a timely fashion as well as provide an opportunity for them to ask questions. Video has always been key to content marketing strategies, but now more than ever we are seeing it fuel brands. Empower your team to step in front of the camera to provide valuable updates, encouraging messages and latest information on what your brand is doing during this time. 


People will remember the brands who chose to remain authentic, reliable and supportive and that will lead to loyal brand advocates for years to come. 

We are in this together and everyone here at Zilker Media is here to help provide any guidance you or your company may need. Reach out and let us know what we can do to support you!

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