Branding your restaurant on social media: Austin spots doing it right

We are beyond fortunate to have one of the best food scenes in Austin, Texas. There are restaurants and bars perfect for every occasion or mood. There’s something that sticks out about certain spots in Austin that goes beyond the taste of the food and that’s their signature “Instagram worthy” food, drink, wall, etc.

I find this method crucial to getting the word out about restaurants or bars, especially in a highly competitive city. Once a popular blogger posts a photo or story on Instagram of a crazy drink or cool space, that immediately leads to their followers sending the post to their friends via Instagram direct message and saying, “let’s go here.” Followers will also save a photo to their private Collections with the Instagram save feature to remember to visit.

This will draw attention to the restaurant’s own Instagram page and even the restaurant’s location on Instagram where you can see all the photos that have been posted at that establishment. Not only is this getting the word out about a restaurant, it gives people a reason to choose it when there are already so many to pick from. Once people see that a spot has an item with Instagram worthy potential, they now associate it to that brand. Then go there so that they too can post a picture on their account with the location or @ mention of the restaurant.

In Austin there are many examples of this:


Irene’s was one of the first with their iconic pink “Irene’s” neon sign with a greenery background perfect for taking pictures with friends after brunch.

Speaking of neon signs, Juice Society also has a great one for snapping a picture with your aesthetically pleasing juice or bowl.  

Mattie’s is a gorgeous restaurant with photo opportunities on the inside and outside. You can find beautiful decor, fresh flowers in your cocktail and even peacocks outside.

Last Straw is new on the East Side with great food and drink options and an even better atmosphere. The design is tropical and fun, and you’ll definitely want to take a picture of your drink.

Holy Roller is what an Instagrammer’s brunch dreams are made of. You’ll want to snap a pic of the food, drinks, signs and even the bathroom. Their food presentation and decor is impeccable, and they’re known on social media for their confessional style bathroom.

Bird Bird Biscuit has delicious breakfast biscuits and an even better wall to use as a background for a picture of them.

Hank’s is a restaurant and coffee shop that rose in popularity for their beautiful and modern design that many people consider a must for an Instagram worthy picture.

A great place to grab a drink and a picture is Kitty Cohen’s. You’ll see how they carry out their fun vibe throughout the space. They’re known for their small dipping pool outside that’s perfect for a photo.


The Squeezery is a great spot for different juices, smoothies and bowls. Their signature item on Instagram is their Freezery Gelato Bowl. It comes in a coconut with various fresh toppings, something you’ll want to instantly post.

You’re going to want to do a video post for the 10 lb. can nachos at The Local Post Pub. The waiter brings them out and then pours the queso on them in front of you. Boomerang of a queso pour? Sign us up!


Of course, we all know about the Manmosas at Banger’s. Everyone needs a photo with them at least once. Dogwood on West 6th also recently started doing Texas sized mimosas in a giant champagne glass.

We can’t forget about the signature alcohol-infused Capri-Suns that had everyone running to Green Light Social from social media.

77° Rooftop has Colossal Cocktails that are great for happy hour and most importantly an Insta story.

Gabriela’s is a new downtown Mexican restaurant that initially gained so much of their traction from the many pictures of their very Instagrammable drink in a pineapple.

It’s safe to say, today people are always “doing it for the ‘gram,” making this a genius branding technique.

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