Zilker Media Presents: Summertime Mixtape

Do you ever hear a song🎶 that makes you feel like summer is finally here? We do! The Zilker Media team has put together our Summertime Mixtape filled with our favorite tunes to keep the good vibes going.

Listen here: Summertime Mixtape on Spotify

Pontoon – Little Big Town
It’s the best song to listen to as you are cruising on the lake on a Saturday afternoon. – Paige Velasquez Budde, CEO

Barefoot Bluejean Night – Jake Owen
Feels like feet on the sand in Port A. – Rusty Shelton, Founder & Chairman

Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
The first song on the road trip plan list! – Patti Conrad, CFO

Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts
 A classic 70s hit that makes you want to sit on the dock overlooking the water and watch the sunset. – Wes Fang, Chief Strategy Officer 

Adore You – Harry Styles
Good vibes and the perfect roll your windows down and drive song. – Nichole Williamson, Brand Strategy Director

Solar Power – Lorde
It’s literally about recharging in the sun. – Shelby Janner, Publicity Director

Beast of Burden – The Rolling Stones
It’s a classic jam—perfect for a summer road trip mix! Plus the Stones are always appropriate. – Melanie Cloth, Creative Lead

Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owen
One of the best feel-good country songs that always puts me in a great mood! –Sara Pence, Senior Brand Strategist

Electric Love – Borns
This song makes me feel like driving with the windows down with my friends singing at the top of our lungs, it’s forever a summer classic. – Haley Snider, Brand Strategist

Fanfare – Magic City Hippies
MCH always makes me feel like I’m sitting by the pool in Miami – Sydney Panter, Digital Marketing Strategist

Me Colé en una Fiesta – Mecano
Forever love jamming to Mecano or La Sonora Dinamita, etc. It reminds me of the parties my family used to throw at the beach (or the pool!) back in the 90s. – Fabiana Meléndez Ruiz, Senior Publicist

Island In The Sun – Weezer
This is such a fun, beachy song that I’ll never get tired of. It also reminds me of Aquamarine, one of my favorite childhood movies. Summer vibes all the way! – Katherine Bingham, Publicist

More Than a Woman – The Bee Gees
It makes me feel like I’m outside and makes me want to dance! – Kendyl Loper, Digital Marketing Intern

Summer Girl – HAIM
It has that sweet 60’s sound and summer beat perfect for a drive or day at the lake. – Nicholas Martinez, Digital Marketing Intern

I Got You Babe  – Sonny & Cher
Reminds me of singing Karaoke with my parents as a kid! – Macey Pieterse, Digital Marketing Intern

Revvin’ My Cj7 – Summer Salt
It’s the perfect laid-back, road trip to the beach with your friend’s song! – Steph Sonik, Design Intern

LMLY – Jackson Wang
Although this song radiates the feeling of a summer fling ending, the beat and melody make it the perfect summer hurt song. With it’s upbeat, funky bass and 80s style synth rhythms, it’s a great song to dance to or listen to in the car with the windows down! – Roma Gallardo, PR Intern

Talk Too Much – COIN
This song projects happiness and makes me feel like I’m driving to the beach every time I listen to it in the car. – Paulina Perez, PR Intern

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