Time Management

My parents, teachers, bosses and even some friends always stressed the importance of time management to me. While I listened to them, that was about the extent of what did regarding the matter, until this summer.

Working two internships and taking 3 classes online over the summer has given me the push I needed to finally implement that task I dreaded so much. Time management has been crucial in keeping my life together. Before I tended to have an idea in my head of what I needed to do and when, but when my life became more and more adult, I realized my current system was not going to cut it anymore.

Helpful Tools

Enter Google, which has become a life saver. Google Calendar, Sheets, Docs, and Drive have kept my life running relatively smoothly this past summer and will continue to help me in the future. I know I have a calendar where all of my events are kept nice and neat, multiple Drives that house all of my work in folders for me and a to-do list that reminds me of all the items pilling up.

Facebook and Instagram just launched a time management tool today that will help users manage the amount of time they’re spending on the app. So now there’s also no excuse for scrolling on social media for too long.

My internships and classes have required me to plan my time out more accordingly so that I may accomplish everything on time. Time management is a concept that is hard to implement until its needed. It takes a dedicated, strong willed person to have time management when it’s not absolutely necessary, I was obviously not one of those people.

It is easy to mix things up when you’re juggling life and time management can be there to help ease tasks and keep one’s sanity. Luckily, I have not had to learn the hard way of needing time management when it’s too late.

Mastering or even just learning time management I now believe is a crucial step in the path to success. I’ve also learned in the past couple months that Google is much more than just a place to figure out life’s questions, it is a tool to help keep your life on track.

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