#WomenWednesday | Must-Listen Podcasts

#WomenWednesday: Must-Listen Podcasts

For this week’s #WomenWednesday, we asked our team to share their favorite podcasts by women. We wanted to know who they listen to when they need a laugh, words of inspiration or even a daily dose of true crime stories. Women have a lot to say and you will want to read on to find out what some of our team’s favorite podcasts are.


Paige Velasquez Budde — Empire Building

Empire Building is hosted by four powerhouse women Wendy Papasan, Seychelle Van Poole, Vija Williams, and Sarah Reynolds. They do an incredible job discussing the challenges when building big businesses and big lives. 


Rusty Shelton — That Sounds Fun by Annie Downs

Annie Downs is one of the funniest people I know and her That Sounds Fun Podcast is a great combination of humor and value.


Patti Conrad — The History Chicks by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider

An entertaining and engaging look at women is history.


Wes Fang — Unlocking Us by Brene Brown

Hosted by NYT bestseller, Brene Brown, the podcast features some of the world’s top movers and shakers. Brene is a guiding light and fleshes out tidbits that help us live, love, and lead with more courage and heart.


Nichole Williamson — The Dropout by Rebecca Jarvis

 Hosted by Rebecca Jarvis – she does an incredible job producing the intense story of the Theranos scandal.


Shelby Janner — You’re Wrong About by Michael Hobbes & Sarah Marshall

A journalistic deep dive into “a person or event that’s been miscast in the public imagination” — aka, something you’re probably wrong about.


Melanie Cloth — Criminal by Phoebe Judge

 True crime plus nuance minus the gore (usually). Phoebe Judge’s voice is so soothing and you can tell how interested and thoughtful she is with each interviewee—whether they are the victim or the guilty party.


Sara Pence — The Orange Tree by Haley Butler and Tinu Thomas: This is the most recent podcast I have listened to! It is a limited series hosted by two very talented female students, and was produced by The Drag Audio at The University of Texas. The show takes an in-depth look at what was a very dark and tragic murder that occurred near campus in 2005, and the trails that took place as a result. 


Fabiana Melendez — Alice Isn’t Dead by Joseph Fink

 A limited series, story-based podcast, about a truck driver searching for her missing wife that is equal parts sci-fi, horror and humor.


Katherine Bingham — Crime Junkie by Ashley and Brit

Amazingly researched and produced true crime stories.


Nathalie Patajo — Ologies by Alie Ward

 “Ask smart people dumb questions” is the tagline of this podcast and that about sums it up. Super informative and funny!


Anushree Bhat — The Michelle Obama Podcast

 This podcast is great to listen to since we get to hear Michelle Obama talk about how she navigated her years throughout the White House as well as her experiences growing up.


Macey Pieterse —  Dr. Death by Laura Beil

 Laura Beil’s innovative journalism on the Dr. Death podcast will have you on your toes. She investigates the true story of Christopher Duntsch, a Texas surgeon convicted of malpractice. Warning: you may have a hard time booking a surgery after listening. 


Avery Huffman — Serial by Sarah Koenig

Hosted by Sarah Koenig, Serial is an investigative journalism podcast with an entire criminal investigation playing out over each season. It was one of the podcasts that are credited with the new popularity of the medium, and was called “podcasting’s first breakout hit,” by The New York Times.


Karly Weiner — We met at Acme by Lindsey Metselaar

 This podcast discusses the ups and downs of millennial dating and could not be more relatable. It’s hosted by Lindsey Metselaar and she discusses vulnerability in today’s world, especially when it comes to dating. 


Caleb Hall — Gals on the Go

Just good, fun, engaging content on living your best life. 


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