10 reasons to write your book in 2019

We’re extremely excited to have Award Winning Book Coach Lisa Tener share a guest post on the blog today. We have worked with Lisa for several years and have seen success story after success story with the writers she has worked with. Today she is sharing 10 reasons to write your book in 2019 from her ebook: 40 Reasons to Write a Book

  1. You want to leave your legacy: After Dr. Eric Pfeiffer retired from practicing medicine, Yale University Press published Winning Strategies for Successful Aging and Caregiving in Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias.
  2. You’re finally ready to leave your corporate job behind, take the entrepreneurial plunge and start that new business you’ve dreamt about for the past decade: Huibert Evekink co-authored Feedback First in order to launch a new company, Future Teaming, which provides work teams with empowering experiences that enhance communication skills and information flow. They are off to a powerful start with strong corporate sales and plans to launch a complementary online academy.
  3. You feel called to work with high caliber leaders or change agents and you know your book can provide the needed credibility to serve in such a capacity. Dr. Randy Kamen’s work teaching mindfulness to CEOs began after publishing Behind the Therapy Door. Dr. Kamen recently told me, “I now reach a global audience of influential people.” Talk about making a difference. Think of all the employees who are benefiting now that mindfulness begins at the top of their companies.
  4. You know you could be helping and reaching so many more people with a book. It’s time to spread those wings, baby. Dr. Bruce Dow reached PTSD sufferers well beyond his private therapy practice with Dream Therapy for PTSD. And Chris Spurvey sold 8,000 copies of It’s Time to Sell in just the first three weeks of launch, 10,000 the first month – just imagine how many people his book will help over time!
  5. It’s time to tell your story. The Nautilus Awards committee agreed it was time for Kimber Simpkins – she won a Silver Nautilus for Full. So did Vint Virga, DVM, who told more than his own story. The Soul of All Living Creatures includes tales about dogs, cats, ocelots, wolves and other four leggeds who have sauntered, slunk and leapt into his life with their many wise lessons.
  6. The New York Times hasn’t called you yet. It happened for Martha Rhodes after she published 3,000 Pulses Later and to Cathy Turney when Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success won a Stevie Award for Best Business Book of the Year
  7. Your clients/customers/readers deserve this. Cara Bradley’s On the Verge helps yoga practitioners and others bring mindfulness to their everyday lives – and doesn’t everyone deserve to experience the power of living in the now?
  8. You love public speaking or teaching and you’d like to get paid or paid more – for it. One published client recently told me she often gets paid in one day what she used to earn in a week as a psychotherapist.
  9. You love to make people laugh and see the world a little differently. Karin Esterhammer’s lovely travel memoir, So Happiness to Meet You: Foolishly, Blissfully Stranded in Vietnam transports readers to one of the poorest sections of Ho Chi Minh City where the author learns lessons about community, connection and calm. As the Christian Science Monitor put it, “There is something for everyone: suspense, drama, victory, defeat, humor. But mostly it is a highly personal study in tolerance, equanimity, serenity, and understanding. And dare I say it: love.” The book is so full of laughter that the author was named Erma Bombeck Author of the Month by the University of Dayton.
  10. You’re ready to speak at prestigious national and international conferences and influence your field at the next level. After Gus Ferrer, MD and Burke Lennihan, RN published Cough Cures, Dr. Gus has been in demand as a speaker for several prestigious national conferences.

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