5 questions with School for Startups host Jim Beach

This week we’re speaking with School for Startups host Jim Beach, one of our favorite hosts to work with!

Jim’s first book, School for Startups, argues that entrepreneurship is NOT about creativity, risk, or passion — and instead shows you how to build a business the smart way.

He extends this philosophy when interviewing guests on his radio show, School for Startups, speaking with entrepreneurs and authors that can help you grow your business, or start one. The show is syndicated across the nation.

How did the idea for School for Startups originate?

I did about 250 interviews to promote a new book, and after the interviews, the host or producer would say, “You should have you own show!” So, I decided to start my own show.

Who has been your favorite guest so far to interview?

I have had over 4000 guests, so to pick one is hard. I will go with a 15-year-old boy that invented a spray that keeps clothes and shoes totally clean, even after a spill of coffee or grape juice.

What kind of guests are you looking for?

Funny! Entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and people with a great story.

What is your biggest publicist pet peeve?

Being sent a great diet guru. I don’t do diets!

What is your best piece of advice for new entrepreneurs?

Be ready to accept lots of “no”s.

Thanks Jim! Learn more at schoolforstartupsradio.com.

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