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On The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast, Wes sits down with Shanda Sumpter, Founder, CEO, Business Coach, and Speaker at HeartCore Business — an entrepreneurial training company offering a step-by-step system to build a profitable company and achieve a free and flexible lifestyle. HeartCore’s core concepts are built upon principles that Sumpter picked up from her explosive 9-figure real estate career — that successful businesses are started by putting the audience first — and HeartCore’s proven methodology has gained the company notoriety and has landed it on the Inc. 5000 list.

HeartCore is a business built around Shanda’s unique journey from struggle to success — from drug addiction and near-poverty to a free lifestyle with a thriving multi-million dollar business. But, fascinatingly, Shanda’s career took off when she decided to venture down a path that didn’t appeal to her at all. On the podcast, Sumpter lays out her fascinating story of finding satisfaction and success on an unforeseen road and provides a heavy dose of the entrepreneurial tips and tricks that she has since become known for.


“I was all about what I didn’t want to do — which is what a lot of people face when they’re moving in the right direction. The steps you have to take through those moments of resistance are the doors.”

“Don’t worry. It’s all going to come together anyway. As long as you’re not a quitter, it comes together.”

“If you’re not playing a game that you’re afraid of, you are wasting time in your life. Because that edge is what wakes us up. That edge is what shows us what we’re made of.”

“If you’ve got lots of volume and lots of traffic, info-products — as far as advisors, coaches, consultants — are amazing… But if you want to make a lot of money, you have to really start with a high-ticket something.”

“Our goals are just bait. It’s God’s way of baiting you into your biggest legacy. If you read into what’s beyond that goal, that’s the place that everyone is trying to reach.”

“[In the coaching industry], you really need to control your buyers, control your traffic, control your audience. When you control that flow, then you just create products that they want.”

“Meaning is hard to find because most of us are a lot more self-centered than we think.”

“I have a goal right now to fail 19 times for 2019.”


3:50: Shanda explains what drove her towards entrepreneurship and describes how her definition of “entrepreneurial freedom” changed as her career matured.

5:40: Shanda describes her “breaking point,” where she decided for certain that a corporate job was not the path for her.

8:54: Sumpter reflects on an important spiritual moment in her life that pushed her onto a career path that she initially didn’t want to take.

13:20: Shanda looks back on how she acquired her first clients and provides some advice on how to build an audience in the coaching industry.

16:06: Sumpter discusses why she relies heavily on email marketing, rather than social media marketing.

18:25: Shanda describes the inception of her company’s name — HeartCore Business.

21:23: Shanda discusses her company’s service to entrepreneurs and offers some perspective on goal setting and how our goals often come up short of what they should be.

27:05: Shanda gives some perspective on failure and how, specifically, the risk of failure gives entrepreneurs the “edge” they need to thrive and succeed.

31:44: Sumpter shares the biggest learning lesson she’s picked up throughout the lifespan of her company.

34:18: Sumpter shares one last piece of advice that she wishes she would have known at the beginning of her career.


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