The ins and outs of influencer marketing

Despite the rough year influencers have had, influencer marketing is hot right now. From consumer packaged goods to banking services, more and more brands are partnering with influencers to showcase their offerings. But, how do you go about connecting and ultimately partnering with them?


Research, research, research

Research isn’t just about sifting through Instagram in search for a micro-influencer who looks like the right fit on the surface, it’s also about figuring out if they’re going to be someone who resonates with your audience. Have they posted anything that might be controversial to your consumer base? Is your brand family friendly? Do the amount of followers they have match up with the number of likes and comments they receive per post? 


It’s all about transparency

Influencers are people who have monetized their brand, so they see requests as a small scale business proposal. Be clear about what you are requesting from the get go. Are you seeking a dedicated Instagram story? A review on their blog? What do you think will be beneficial to your brand? You also need to clarify compensation in your request, are you paying them a fixed amount? Per post? Managing expectations from the get go can keep expectations clear for both parties before a campaign starts.


Yes, it’s ok to negotiate

Just as we stated above, influencers understand that working with brands is about negotiation. It’s ok to look through someone’s media kit and not want to pay X amount for one post. It’s all about tone and what you can offer in return. Instead of getting angry or sending a passive aggressive email, be honest and say “we would love to offer $X amount for one post and are happy to offer $X in product as well.” The worst thing that can happen is that someone will say “no.”


Influencer marketing can seem like a daunting strategy, but it’s a great way to get in front of their loyal audience. Influencers also offer content creation beyond traditional advertisements, which can ramp up your brand.

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