Five Pinterest Tips for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While your digital marketing strategy is continuously evolving, there is most likely a social media platform you have overlooked all together. Pinterest is the the social media channel on the rise when it comes to marketing and advertising with more than 200 million monthly active users.pinterest tips

With their latest updates, Pinterest enables businesses to create content and share in a dynamic and interactive way to keep the user engaged and further their direct relationship with the customer or client.

Regardless of your industry, there is great value in utilizing this platform to share your message, build your brand and advertise your services or expertise to your desired audience.

Here I share five Pinterest tips to get you started on incorporating Pinterest into your marketing plan.

1.  Upgrade to a Business Account

You may have considered converting your Pinterest account to a business account but unsure of what would change. Pinterest business accounts allow you to track analytics so you can be sure your digital marketing strategy is on pace to achieving your marketing goals. With a business account you can also uncover metrics about Pinners who are engaging with your business as well as their interests.

2. Use Keywords When Creating Boards and Descriptions

I recently shared with the importance of using keywords when creating boards and descriptions particularly for the real estate industry but these tips apply across the board. When creating Pinterest boards and pin descriptions, it is important to use the keywords from the guided search tool as SEO terms to build your descriptions. This will help users find your content based off specific topics, tips and ideas.

3. Share influencer’s content

Sharing your own content will be a significant part of your Pinterest strategy but engaging with influencers will be critical as well. Repin influencers pins to directly connect with them while also sharing content that pertains to your audience. This will provide you the opportunity to build relationships with fellow influencers and thought leaders and maintain pin activity on your own page.

4. Advertise on Pinterest

Pinterest advertising offers two types of campaign objectives: awareness and consideration. Pinterest ads will allow you to directly target your audience with four different options: promoted pins, promoted video pins, one-tap promoted pins and promoted app pins. The type of ad you choose for your strategy will depend on your audience and objectives but ensure your ads have an eye-catching call-to-action in the pin description.

5. Add save buttons to your website

Optimizing your website for users to have the ability to pin content is a great addition to your content marketing efforts. With Pinterest buttons you have the option to use automatic buttons, hover buttons or add the save button directly to one image on your site. If a blog is a critical element of your marketing plan then implementing a save pin to this designated landing page will provide your audience an additional platform to share your content on.

Happy pinning!

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