The Best Places to Work Remotely in Austin

With the boom of start-ups and new businesses in Austin, work from home policies have become more commonplace. However, choosing the best place to work can be a bit of a daunting task, between co-working spaces and the myriad of coffee shops – which has the most reliable WiFi? What about coffee offerings? Austin offers a variety of places to work depending on your mood, needs, or cravings. Here are some of my favorites:


Nestled in the heart of South Lamar, this picturesque coffee shop is an ode to the city’s history. Built by sisters Mary and Nannie Dawson in 1900, the building recently achieved historical landmark status. In tune with the layout of the house, the shop offers a variety of cozy seats, nooks, and sofas which are perfect for those looking to focus and power through deadlines. It’s selection of coffees and drinks are also of note, with an Horchata drink as well as local brews and wines.


Japanese inspired café offers a great spot to relax and indulge while opening that flurry of Monday emails. The shop has an eclectic mix of drinks including Vietnamese coffee and western offerings such as lattes. It’s selection of lunch bowls, toasts, and sandwiches are perfect for munching on while simultaneously replying to Slack messages and casual lunch time meetings.


If you’re feeling the mid-week slump, Stouthaus is the place for you. The shop’s lively energy and cool drinks help overcome the Wednesday fatigue. Sip on the Vanilla Rose Latte for a morning pick me up or get a classic iced coffee made from one of the many local coffees they carry. Looking to imbibe for happy hour? Their selection of local and craft brews are great for kicking off the almost weekend.


Summermoon is an Austin staple. They have several locations around town making it one of the most accessible places to work remotely from. Their signature drinks include everything from coffee to tea and you can add a bit of their signature Moon Milk for added sweetness. The shops have great decor too, which are great for those mid-work Instagram stories.

South Congress Hotel

If you’re looking to work from some place other than a coffee shop, the South Congress Hotel is a chic alternative. Their lobby includes large tables which are spacious and offer multiple outlets for laptops, phones, and more. In addition, the space is perfect for working remotely by yourself or with a team. The wait staff at the hotel’s Café No Sé will walk around taking orders for coffee, avocado toast, and even cocktails. The cool atmosphere is also great is you’re looking to take a casual meeting or transition from work to a dinner meeting.

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