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How to be your own publicist using Zilker Media’s Podcast Guest Insider – No prior publicity experience needed

True or false: You need a publicist to get booked on podcasts. 

You’re smart, and you know that the author of this blog post (me) is a publicist, so you’re probably thinking it’s true, right?

Wrong. I’ve been in PR for 10 years, and I can confidently say that you do not need me to get yourself booked on a podcast. 

Pitching yourself to a podcast isn’t hard. The hard part is finding the right podcasts! According to recent numbers, there are over 2 million podcasts worldwide. Once you finally find a podcast you want to pitch, then you have to find the contact info and try to guess what kind of guests they are looking for, and then finally, FINALLY once you have all that info – then you can write the pitch and send it off. Fingers crossed you hear back! 

I’ve written about the power of podcasts and micromedia before, and today I’m SO excited to announce that now even more folks will be able to tap into the power of podcasts with our brand new service, Podcast Guest Insider

When you sign up for Podcast Guest Insider, you’ll get everything you need to pitch yourself to the right podcasts. This includes contact information, podcast reach, what types of guests they are looking for, and other helpful tips – twice a month delivered to your email.

Right now we offer three categories: Leadership, entrepreneurship and health. Each month you’ll receive 10 total podcasts in one of these categories delivered to you. If you are a thought leader in one of those categories, this is for you!

At Zilker Media, we have podcast pitching down to a science – we are consistently booking top-tier and up and coming podcasts – and so in celebration of the launch of Podcast Guest Insider, we’ve put together three free resources to make pitching yourself to podcasts absolutely foolproof:

  1. A pitch template. Once you nail down the format of a podcast pitch, you’ll be surprised how easy it is! Our pitch template includes tips for customizing your pitch (something you cannot skip!) as well as how to best position yourself.
  2. Equipment and setup for your interview. If you’re serious about guesting on podcasts, you’ll want to invest in certain key pieces of equipment. We also provide tips and tricks for filming video interviews – something that more and more podcasts are incorporating.
  3. How to be a great podcast guest and get the most out of your podcast guest experience. Landing the interview is just the first step. There are certain things you must be doing in order to not only be a great resource to the podcast host, but also use the podcast interview to grow your platform.

Check out these resources here. I’m also always here to give podcast pitching tips and tricks on my LinkedIn.

I’m so excited to be sharing Podcast Guest Insider with the world. Happy pitching!

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