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Digital Marketing

In today’s media environment, the first place most people will interact with you, your book or your brand won’t be in person, it will be online—via your website and social media infrastructure.

What kind of impression are you making?

We work with our clients to develop digital marketing strategies that get people talking about them—online and off.

“Simply: five star in every way imaginable!”
Ann Voskamp, New York Times bestselling author of One Thousand Gifts

Our digital marketing campaigns begin with an online brand audit, which allows us to take a closer look at a client’s current online footprint and make any necessary revisions before beginning to grow their presence.

Next, we create a digital marketing strategy focused on integrating owned, earned and rented media for maximum impact. We use creative tools like quizzes and assessments to grow huge email lists (we have launched quizzes taken by more than 350K people in the past two years!) and leverage smart relationship-building strategies to build relationships with journalists and grow a platform with an eye on sales and new business.

Then, we either teach you and your team how to execute on the strategy we create (if you or your team want to write all content) or we own the execution, from running your social media channels to building your email list.

Most clients understand that they need to get more active online, but for a variety of reasons—from lack of time to lack of understanding—few take the necessary steps to build a large online platform. We work with clients who want to take the next step.

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