Three Best Practices for Improving Your Instagram

Becoming a power-user of Instagram requires posting photos that will not only lead to consumer engagement but also bring awareness to your brand. 

Whether you’re a novice social media user or your Instagram feed simply needs a makeover, here are three things you may be overlooking that can help you improve your Instagram game right now:

1. Formatting

When formatting your Instagram photos, it is important to ensure the photo is sized and cropped correctly. This means presenting your image in a way that appropriately orients and makes the picture attractive to viewers scrolling on their phones. I recommend using the Landscape app, a free app that will resize your photos to fit the Instagram platform perfectly while maintaining the quality of the photo.

2. Quality

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to post good quality photos. The key to improving your image content is patience. Don’t rush your picture taking or posting! The only limit on the number of photos you take, or the rigor of your editing, is the time and effort you are willing to provide. Don’t settle for blurry photos or bland filters when the perfect image is only a few more clicks away.

My biggest tip for a good quality photo: natural lighting is your best friend!

3. Filters

The key to Instagram filters, features that can alter the lighting and effects of an image, is consistency. To establish a look of coherence, brands should choose an Instagram filter and stick to it! After deciding which filter works best for you and your brand or organization, you can manage your filters on the Instagram platform.

Instagram’s new filter management feature will prioritize the filters you love and delete the ones you don’t need. After you choose your content, click the “manage” button which can be found at the end of the filters.

If you are looking for even more flexibility and advanced options with filters, you can also download the VSCO app to add filters to your photos!

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