Zilker Media End of Year Reflections

After a year of much uncertainty and challenge, our team took a moment to reflect on the moments of joy we experienced this year.


Sara Pence

This year I found joy in watching my family grow. From celebrating new life, engagements and marriages, the love of family has been a guiding light! 


Shelby Janner

Honestly, I found joy in TikTok. And of course my fiance, Mack — but we spent a good chunk of 2021 laughing at TikToks together.


Rusty Shelton

This was the first time I’ve been off the road for an extended period of time since I was 23 and I found tremendous joy in spending significant time with my family and in the trenches with our team. 


Nichole Williamson

This year I found joy in extra time with my family. In a year that took away the ability to do so much, it really allowed me to make the most of that time and spend it with my husband and parents all together when we quarantined together for a month. 


Melanie Cloth

During a tough year of loss and uncertainty, I’ve found joy in nature. There is nothing better than a beautiful walk with the person I love. 


Patti Conrad

I found joy in the community that surrounds me; family, co-workers and neighbors.


Anthony Rivera

This summer, I adopted two litter-mate kittens that have been the queens of my boyfriend and I’s apartment for the last half of the year. Absolutely my best quarantine decision out of them all!


Paige Velasquez Budde

I found joy taking a step back and reflecting on the little things in life – love and community. During a time of uncertainty in the world, it was the little things that kept us strong.  


Fabiana Melendez

I found joy in the friendships and connections which strengthened throughout distanced times due to the lack of daily distractions. I had wonderful Zoom happy hours, self-distanced dance sessions, small gatherings with immediate family, and lots of take-out date nights with my comprometido. 


Wes Fang

Getting married to my wife. 🙂


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