Zilker Media Favorites for World Social Media Day

In honor of World Social Media Day, a few members of the Zilker Media team wanted to share their favorite social media channel and why. Take a look below! 


Nichole Williamson – Brand Strategy Director 

Twitter is by far my choice for favorite social media channels. I love the opportunity to participate in live conversations surrounding conferences and events, and for me especially football. It allows you to directly connect with individuals participating in the same conversation and it’s a great way to network! It is also the best tool for immediate news. If you are looking for information, you know you can count on Twitter to have the news first. And what other platform gives you the chance to speak directly with a journalist?! Oh and if you’re interested in learning more about Twitter check out our Twitter Playbook. 🙂 



Melanie Cloth – Creative Lead

Instagram! Where else can you get design inspiration, exclusive quarantine concerts, activism resources AND cute pictures of dogs all in one place?



Shelby Janner – Publicity Director

TikTok! I have become obsessed with this growing platform since I started exploring it this year while socially distancing. The creativity of TikTok users is insane. Since it’s a newer platform, it is less commoditized than Instagram and you never know what you’ll find with each scroll through the platform. Actually creating content on TikTok has a bit of a learning curve, but I’ve been enjoying creating PR content on my own account. 



Paige Velasquez – CEO

LinkedIn over the past couple of years has become my favorite social media channel. Their team has poured into making LinkedIn one of the most sought-after online channels to be on if you are a professional. I love that they have a team of editors curating content from the top experts to feature in their news section. LinkedIn’s publishing platform is also one of my favorite places to post long-form content.



Sara Pence – Brand Strategist

My favorite social media platform is Facebook. I really love what they have done with the creation of closed Facebook Groups, and the sense of community and connection that these groups can bring to brands all over the world.

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Anthony Rivera – Digital Marketing Strategist 

Over the past year or so, LinkedIn has really evolved from a job-finding site to a professional network where I can follow peers in the digital marketing space and start really interesting conversations about the industry. Personally I am a fan of all the quick-tip video content going around and I’m excited to see what new features pop up in the coming year! LinkedIn Stories anyone?



What’s your favorite social media channel? Let us know on our Instagram post!

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