Ep 62: The Biggest Risk in Life — Mike Watts — The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast

On this week’s episode of The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast, Wes hosts a discussion with Mike Watts, Founder and CEO of LoveHandle and the President of Tree Stake Solutions. A serial entrepreneur, speaker and guest professor, Mike has started a total of six companies, including three consecutive multi-million dollar companies within the last ten years. Mike is acquainted with and a mentee of Shark Tank investor Daymond John!

In this engaging discussion, Wes and Mike talk about how important risk is in the journey of entrepreneurship. After all, the biggest risk you could ever take in life is not taking any risks at all because that’s what it takes to pursue your dreams. Mike walks the listeners through his own journey, filled with highs, lows and everything in between. He also shares some advice on how aspiring entrepreneurs can take smart risks throughout their careers and identify those ventures and ideas worth fighting for.

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