7 Quotes to Lead by During Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is anything but a routine emergency. In place of a defined chain of commands, leaders of healthcare, business and beyond have had to react to immense pressure day-by-day as the situation evolves. 

While master plans are always ideal, many situations leaders are placed in require improvisation based on instinct and strong mindsets built from years of experience. This time of uncertainty isn’t over, and we will continue to see examples of great leadership that will reverberate for years to come. 

As you reflect on how to model your leadership moving forward, consider the following quotes from our wonderful clients leading industries across the country:


“Look to the past, but consider the future.” 

Johnny Merritt

Johnny asks you to consider previous catastrophic events and remember how we were able to bounce back from them. Our nation healed from the events on September 11, 2001 by coming together and starting fresh. Coronavirus, like other crises, will be followed by great opportunity. 


“Perspective is powerful, and can have both positive and negative effects on our well-being.” 

Ken Zweig, MD

Dr. Ken Zweig discusses the power of perspective. If we view this situation as a mass tragedy with unrecoverable loss, our mood and wellbeing is bound to match. Take the time to find personal meaning in this time. What benefits has being at home more brought to you? 


“It’s easy for us to feel alone because we’re trapped in our house or apartment, but we are sharing this experience with nearly the entire globe.” 

Michael Reddington

Michael reminds us to not let fear take over our leadership. A good leader is vulnerable and isn’t afraid to ask for help when they need it. Asking for help shows trust, not weakness. 


“Fear is not the solution to a situation. It’s the alarm bell. Figuring out what to do about the alarm bell is what you need to focus on.” 

Mark McLaughlin

Fear is a universal experience. Mark recommends that we look at our fears, unpack them into their structural components and map them out so we can begin to out-think them. Once we feel we have control, we can begin to dial down that fear. 


“A positive attitude doesn’t guarantee your success, but a negative attitude kills your ability to adapt.” 

Carey Lohrenz

There is no silver bullet to overcoming the overwhelming feelings this crisis brings, but reminding yourself of the blessings in your life and focusing on rebuilding will help push you forward. 


“Give yourself permission to dream.” 

Phyllis Newhouse

Don’t forget to continue dreaming and planning for your future. This is not the first roadblock we have faced and it won’t be the last. Phyllis encourages us to create a vision board that maps out your desires and hopes for the future, so you can begin to plan for it. 


“When the crisis fades, people will remain.” 

John Oberg

Last but certainly not least, John urges us to stay vigilant in our connections to those around us. Pushing through this crisis will require that we come together and bond through our shared humanity. Once this event is in the past, people will remember how you chose to lead. 


They say leaders aren’t born, they are made. Leaders will use this moment to take care of those around them and inspire them to move forward. Are you taking this opportunity to put your leadership into action?

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