Five Social Media Tools I am Thankful For

It’s that time of the year where we take time to reflect on the things we are most thankful. This year I am reflecting on the social media tools I am most thankful for and that have made an impact on the Digital Marketing team at Zilker Media. There are many tools across all of the social media channels you may be using that you may not be utilizing. 

Here I share my top tools from 2018:

1. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is the social media management tool we at Zilker Media use to organize, monitor and analyze social media content. There are amazing features from scheduling, to social media listening tools and extensive data analytics for reporting. I am very thankful that Zilker Media is a proud agency partner of SproutSocial and thanks to this management tool we are better able to efficiently create and report on social media for all of our clients. If you are wanting more information on why we love SproutSocial, check out this blog from our Digital Marketing Director Paige Velasquez.

2. Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising continues to be one of the most beneficial social media tools we get to use and with over 2.5 million people using Facebook advertising to reach their customers on social media you should be considering it too. Thanks to Facebook ads we are able to optimize campaigns for our clients especially with brand awareness to grow awareness around our clients’ message and goals and conversion ads to continuously grow email lists with our method of quiz marketing. Facebook Advertising is an exciting tool to use because they are always changing and making advances to better serve the user experience and I look forward to see what new updates Facebook has in store for 2019.

3. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics may likely be the tool you are overlooking as you manage and report on social media. Twitter Analytics are extremely detailed and provide an in-depth insight into who is engaging with you from different industries, particular topics your audience engages with and influencers who engage with your content increasing your overall reach. Every user has this feature so be sure to check it out as you create your digital marketing goals for 2019!

4. Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram Business Accounts may be one of my top tools of 2018. This year Instagram opened their API to allow users to integrate with social media management systems which was a game changer for those in the digital marketing industry. With Business Accounts we are able to optimize our content by referring to analytics, create ads to reach our target audience and recently have the ability to report on Instagram Stories data. Instagram continues to be one of the fastest evolving social media tools out there and I can assure you 2019 will bring even more additions that we can all be grateful for.

5. LinkedIn publishing

LinkedIn Publishing is another tool you may not be taking advantage of in your digital marketing strategy. The publishing feature is by far one of the greatest aspects of LinkedIn thanks to the LinkedIn algorithm. By utilizing this tool and directly posting long form content as an article on LinkedIn, you will likely see higher engagement and reach on these types of posts. Also with this tool you get to create a library of contributed articles and blog posts that will live on this platform. With 2019 on the horizon considering adding this great feature to your social media tool box.

What social media tools are you thankful for this year? Leave a comment and let us know!

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