Happy International Podcast Day!

Happy International Podcast Day!

With over 120 million people in the U.S. tuning into podcasts, the opportunity to reach your niche audience has been magnified. From business development to healthcare, the topics and content opportunities are limitless!

Here at Zilker Media, we love the impact our clients acquire by being podcast guests. Like our clients, you can use the podcast to:

1. Amplify your Influence.
2. Promote your Business.
3. Increase your Impact.

In celebration of International Podcast Day today, our team of PR experts put together a podcast playlist from clients. Give it a listen to hear how you can plug your expertise through conversation:

What’s stopping you from getting booked to amplify your impact? This past year we launched our Podcast Guest Insider, a service that delivers up-to-date contact details for top-tier podcasts, plus insider tips to land guest spots successfully. 

Sign up if you’re ready to DIY your podcast pitching! 

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