Why Healthcare Professionals Can Benefit From Personal Publicity

At Zilker Media, we help healthcare professionals focus on micromedia to share their niche and industry knowledge through conversation. 

Whether you’re discussing doctor-patient experiences or physician-related topics, micromedia is the new media landscape that focuses on other trending niche conversations within your specific industry. 

We know experts in healthcare are busy but publicity needs to be a priority to thrive in a digital-focused world. Let’s dive into the many benefits of personal publicity to win you over!

1. The Benefits of Personal Publicity

  • Maximize audience reach and raise your personal brand’s awareness!

Healthcare professionals can benefit from personal publicity because it can increase their audience reach and build their authority by association. What does authority by association mean? Well, to put it in simpler terms, when Googling a doctor’s name to learn more about them, a doctor that is actively posting informative articles/blogs, or sharing their podcast interviews creates a relatable element that makes people have a sense of trust in choosing their healthcare provider or following them on social media as a source of reliable information. 

Googling yourself is a wonderful way to know how to use your publicity to boost your brand and SEO (would link to a site explaining SEO). Start with an initial audit of what comes up when your name is typed in. Take note of what’s not showing up! Is your website one of the first links? Do any social media channels or articles populate? 

Now you know when you land an interview or an article to make your call to action toward the sites not showing up in your Google search. For instance, say you have a quiz on your website that isn’t gaining any traction, at the end of an interview you can share “Head over to my website to take my health and wellness quiz or sign up to preorder my new book!” 

  • Elevate your expertise.

Physicians can use personal branding to elevate their thought leadership and not in an influencer way per se, but it can help to become an expert source within their niche. Healthcare professionals who are actively jumping on trending conversations by joining as a guest on a podcast or using social media to start meaningful conversations is a great way to build an online community. These tools are one of the many benefits that maximize your audience reach and can help grow an audience that relies on your content for factual data or advice.

2. Remarketing

One of the best ways to ensure that your interview or article populates search engine optimization on Google is by remarketing your press hits once they are live. Sharing interviews or articles you have been featured in with your audience is not only a great way to self-promote, but also shows them how much you appreciate the opportunity. It’s also a good idea to publish the link to your website’s press page of publications or podcasts to promote logo authority on your website, such as “As featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, etc…” You can even put it in your email signature to add credibility to anyone you may be responding to! 

The most important step that cannot be skipped is how you share and remarket the piece once it goes live. You should promote the link on your social media channels at least two times, tagging the host or editor. Sharing an article or interview is an unspoken rule and will maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.

Zilker Media Success Study: Making Moves with Dr. Tammie Chang

Our client, Dr. Tammie Chang has done a wonderful job of branding herself. She is a self-published author of the book Boundaries for Women Physicians: Love Your Life and Career in Medicine and she has used these frameworks to build her thought leadership around healthcare burnout, best self-care practices, and suicide prevention awareness for physicians. She was recently named the Gold Stevie American Business Awards 2022 Woman of the Year as well as 2022 Maverick of the Year for “Creating a National Platform for Women Physicians.”

Her thought leadership has been featured in Harvard Business Review Ascend, Oprah Daily, Medical Economics and many amazing healthcare podcasts, such as Becker’s Healthcare which shares her story and have elevated her personal brand all while tying back to her book. All of these are just really great tools and resources that healthcare professionals should embrace and not feel as though they are pursuing an influencer lifestyle, but rather a thought leadership lifestyle that is nurturing client-patient relationships as well as physician-to-physician relationships. 

How to get started?

If you’re interested in sharing your passion for the field, discussing essential healthcare topics and maximizing your audience reach, being a podcast guest is a great way to get your foot in the door. Download the Perfect Podcast Pitch to begin garnering personal publicity!


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