PR Roundup: What’s Earned Media Looking Like So Far in 2021?

We’ve had some great successes so far in 2021 for client media hits — here are some of our favorites and the trends we’re seeing in earned media.


  1. Industry publications


The average consumer may not be reading these niche publications, but they are valuable media placements, especially for lead gen and industry-specific brand building!


For example, Billd’s Cofounder & Chief Commercial Officer Jesse Weissburg was featured on and Better Construction with Sean McStay and Commercial Construction: Elevate the Industry 


Also, Jack Aspenson, president and CEO at S3 Surface Solutions, was featured in Floor Covering News and Multifamily Insiders

     2. Interesting takes on productivity


Productivity is a topic that is often discussed in business media. For topics like this, it’s important to find an angle to separate yourself from the rest who speak on the same topic.


Sten Morgan discussed with Fast Company his interesting take on productivity–  by incorporating acts of service into his routine.


Additionally, Juliet Funt, author of upcoming book A Minute to Think from Harper Business, recently spoke with top podcast Leadership & Loyalty on how to reclaim creativity and focus despite chaos. We’re so excited for Juliet’s upcoming book and know we’ll see even more great interviews from her in the future 


     3. Make your own publicity from HAROs


We live Dr. Amladi’s approach to HARO queries — also known as Help A Reporter Out. Through answering these reporter queries, she has been able to general publicity in Bustle magazine multiple times, as well in as Cosmo magazine, Forbes, Insider and more. 


Anyone can sign up for HARO queries, so this is a great strategy!


Congrats to these clients as well on these exciting press hits:



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