Three myths about organic marketing, busted

Organic inbound marketing is a powerful way to promote your brand or business. While outbound tactics of advertising to your audience can be more appealing because of its speed and the level of control you have, this is no reason to throw organic to the wayside. 

Rather than outbound marketing that serves your audience messages they are not necessarily looking for in the moment, inbound marketing is all about showing up for your audience when they are actively looking for guidance!

For example: by creating a keyword and SEO-driven blog post, we want to show up in the Google search results of our customers frantically searching for solutions to their problems.

But over the years, organic marketing has gotten a bad rep. Here are three myths we often hear that we wanted to bust today:


1. “Blogging is dead” 

So let’s start with the one I mentioned first: blogging. The perception many have of this is an early 2010’s marketing strategy for food and mommy bloggers. 

In reality, blogging is a free, SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to have your expertise-driven content show up in relevant searches your ideal target audience makes. 

How? Because Google’s algorithm “crawlers” is actively searching the vast depths of the web for content to fulfill the needs of its users (aka everyone that searches in Google). 

By providing great content that people love, you help Google do its job and it will reward you by elevating the ranking of your website. 


2. “Social media is only useful if you spend thousands of dollars in advertising”

We love social media advertising just as much as the next marketer, but to say that’s all it’s good for is just wrong.

Social media is a tool to expand the audience your brand is exposed to in a place where they are comfortable and open to value-driven messages. 

Our tip: Focus on doing one to two channels super well, and you’ll start enjoying the process a lot more.

Here are a few good examples, if you’re looking for some inspiration:


3. “Guest posting is a thing of the past”

We saved the best for last!! While much has changed with guest posting, there is no disputing that having someone else with a large audience host you on their platform is one of the best ways to:

  • Build your credibility
  • Expand your audience
  • Increase SEO around your name
  • And create long-lasting relationships with potential partners

Many thought leaders and industry experts are getting media coverage every day that helps accelerate the speed of trust with their audience.

Our transparently-self-promotional advice is to hire a PR team who knows how to navigate the somewhat complicated and ever-changing landscape of earned media to help build your brand.


Organic marketing is the practice of meeting your ideal customers where they are and showing them the expertise and value you can provide them. 

If you want more tips on how to build a successful organic marketing strategy, take our Brand Power Score Quiz to analyze your brand today!

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